Plate to Soil Route

Discover seven circular food hotspots in Amsterdam!

Plate to Soil Route

Our city is full of great places to eat and has hundreds of different cuisines and flavors to discover. Our Tasting Routes of Amsterdam will guide you to the spots that truly stand out. They all work with the finest produce grown in or around Amsterdam: fresh, local, and sustainable. This (free) route introduces you to the circular food cycle and takes you on a journey from the soil to your plate and back again.

Looking for delicious local and sustainable food? This free map will be your guide to visit the best spots in Amsterdam! Discover seven circular hotspots in the city. You will find out how we close the food chain, by using organic waste to make compost and fertilize the soil for urban farming. Chef Geneal Harreman recommends what you should see and taste along the way!


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How does it work?

On the (free) map we share seven places to go in Amsterdam North and East. Gather your fellow culinary enthusiasts and download the map on your phone or print it. You can cover the 9-kilometer route in about 45 minutes by bike, or in two hours walking (excluding stops). The route is also fun and educational for children. Check the opening hours beforehand to make sure you can visit all the spots. Prefer to receive the map in your mailbox? Fill in the form below

About Geneal

Geneal Harreman previously worked as a chef at renowned restaurants such as Vermeer, RIJKS, and De Kas. Nowadays, Geneal works as an independent chef and features on the TV show BinnensteBuiten. 

In his dishes, Geneal likes to give vegetables the starring role. He prefers them local and seasonal. He is on a mission to get everyone excited about the incredible variety of flavors that can be created with vegetables.

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